Information for Students

Provisional License
Before you can start your driving lessons you must ensure that you have a signed provisional license. This can be obtained here

Theory & Hazard Perception Test
In addition to passing your practical driving test, students must also obtain a pass in the driving theory test; the pass mark is 43/50 marks for the theory test and 44/75 for hazard perception.

The theory test is multiple choice and is delivered using a touch screen computer monitor and the hazard perception part records your responses through the use of a computer mouse button.

If you pass one part and fail the other you’ll fail the whole test and you’ll need to take both parts again.When you take the theory test, you’ll be asked some specific questions about the particular category of test being taken – motorcycle, car, Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) or Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCVs) – as well as questions that apply to all road users.

Practice Tests
Before you take your theory and hazard perception test, we recommend that you do some revision by doing a number of practice tests, available here

Practical Test
The test is a 35 to 40 minute drive where you will complete one reversing manoeuvre out of which may be: a left reverse, turn in the road, bay park, parallel park, and possibly a controlled stop.You must complete a 10 minute independant drive. To pass you can have up to 15 minor driving faults.

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