Petroc Driver Training offers a wide variety of courses tailored to suit your specific needs. This means you will be able to get in the driving seat with confidence at a time that suits you.

Local Driving Lessons
Get in the driving seat and discover your freedom with our local driving lessons. Designed for the first time driver, these lessons ensure rapid progression and focus on all the key aspects of driving and road safety.

Motorway Driving Lessons
Book lessons to boost your confidence with driving on the motorway. This type of driving differs from that experienced on single carriageways, so it’s crucial that you feel confident at all times. Our motorway lessons will give you the confidence you need to extend your driving freedom further.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons
Improve your road safety and drive your insurance premiums down through booking a Pass Plus course. This is most useful for those new to driving and is a great way to improve confidence further.

eco-Driving Lessons
Noticed that your purse strings are getting a bit tight recently? Invest in our eco-driving course to learn how to drive your car more efficiently and save money on fuel in the long run.

B+E Towing Lessons
Learn how to drive whilst towing with our B+E Towing Lessons. More information is available on our specialist towing website

Petroc Driver Training is a leading driving school based in North Devon offering a wide variety of courses to suit your requirements